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Landing Page - is an opportunity to show the visitor a unique product offering (TSS), a description of the company, certificates, diplomas, awards, customer testimonials, contacts and easily make an order with only one page (!).

Landing page site is perfect for the advertising campaign of a particular product or service with a unique (low) price and to attract the target audience to the site of contextual advertising (Google AdWords), social networks or E-mail newsletters.

Due to the developed structure and marketers use "triggers" that have an impact on basic human instincts, so the landing page prompts the visitor to target action commission (registration application or call the "here and now"). It allows you to increase the conversion of visitors into buyers regarding the use of the "classic" site.

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Landing Creation
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Detailed description

[1] Creating a mobile website design and sample layouts

Based on your needs, wishes and goals for a website, our designers create web site design and four sample designs to represent the design in different resolutions (desktop widescreen, standard desktop, tablet, smartphone).

The basis for the development of web design

The core of the web site is based on your corporate identity or can be chosen from our catalog or you can give a carte blanche to the team of our creative designers.

Layout stage

The layout of your site is designed for maximum ease of use and to facilitate the process of establishing contact with the visitor. Thus, the location of elements in the finished solutions may vary significantly.

Your preferences in web design

The first contact with the customer is done via phone or in person, we will jointly define your requirements to the web design and complete technical specification form (brief) for the web designer.

Design stage

Discussion and consultation (by phone / in person)

  1. Web Design Project
  2. Meetings and consultations before and after the adjustments (on the phone)


  • First draft: 3-5 working days after the start of the project
  • The completion of the work with the design and technical implementation of the site: 3-5 working days after approval of the Web Design

[2] The technical realization / CMS programming  

When you click on "Submit design" our programmer starts coding the site. End of term technical implementation:

  1. We create all the templates, CSS and Javascript files that are required for full functionality of the site.
  2. On completion of the coding all the graphics, templates, CSS and Java Script files will be installed in your CMS demo site we have created at the project launch.
  3. In order to find any errors in the code and correct them, we conduct extensive testing on the latest versions of Google Chrome Web browser, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Android mobile browsers, the IOS and Windows Phone.

CMS Features

Content Management System (CMS) allows you to create and edit pages, the buttons on the site, manage images and files.

Modules implemented in CMS:

  • All SEO- modules for all pages, news and blog entries you will be able to optimize your site for search engines.
  • SEO- modulesettings:
  • URL -address, HTML meta tags (<title>, <description>, <keywords>, <h1, ..., h6>), a robots.txt file management, management Sitemap XML and the possibility to link to Google Webmaster Tools, the control means page 404 or 301 redirect, the prefix management WWW.
  • Module news with comments function to create a basis for the latest news on the website, including news feeds to main page
  • Page photo gallery or photos with albums
  • Form Designer to create and manage pages with contact request
  • Search for site visitors
  • User registration in a protected area Login, including access control for all pages: the page can see <All Web Site Visitors><specific user>, <user group>, <All authorized users>
  • Page dedicated to the guest book: Message sent to you by e-mail can be published directly by clicking on a link in an e-mail or deleted.
  • Images and files upload (eg, PDF-files) via drag and drop object to be stored in a separate folder structure.
  • Ability to create individual buttons using the buttons designer
  • Creating pages with HTML-code or text editor Tiny MCE 4
  • Moduleforonlinesurveys
  • Forum for registered users

For access to the site management and your CMS you use our encrypted connection to the portal


[3] Contentand SEO setting

We can take care of future content of your website, if you submit materials in electronic form as a Word file, a text file or HTML text. Accommodation up to 20 sub-pages (A4) is included in the contract price. In order to make sure that your new site gets a good ranking and will quickly indexed in Google, Bing, and other search engines, we do the following work in accordance with this proposal.

Optimization page

  • Check the presence of the page relevant keywords
  • Set meta tags up to 20 pages (Title, H1, Description)
  • Definition and creation of friendly URL-address search engine
  • Configure up to 20 301 redirect if necessary
  • Create a page "error 404" or redirection

Off-page optimization

  • Manual registration of the domain in the Google and Bing search engines
  • Creating a Google Account
  • Google Webmaster Tools (implementation and verification of site)
  • Google Analytics (Implementation and verification)
  • Creating a Sitemap XML, loading into Google and automatic synchronization of the site map to Google Webmaster Tools

[4] Launching, domain, e-mail and website hosting

When site is ready for publishing we transfer it from the temporary domain to the constant domain.

  • To do this, we need to either get access to your account with your domain registrar to install a small setting or set the parameter (record) you have to yourself.


  • Choose us as your new provider and move your domain using the login data to us.

No matter which option you choose, You personally stay the owner of the domain or your business!

To release from liability for the maintenance management system, we suggest the following activities as part of our hosting:

Hosting Basic services:

  • CMS as a SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Operation, updating and maintenance of content management system
  • Securing server performance and Hosting (500 MB, can be extended for an additional fee)
  • Data backup every 24 hours with a 7-day archiving
  • Protection against DDOS attacks

Choose us as a new supplier in order to avoid double monthly load, there are additional performance improvements:

Hosting Services Provider:

  • Name Server Settings
  • Domain management (billing, forwarding, setting up subdomains)
  • Up to 25 e-mail accounts for a total of 5 GB for your domain
  • Mailbox management (configuration, removal, FWD)
  • Configuration support popular software for managing e-mail (Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook)
4 Steps to the company's Web site
Discussion and consultation

We collect your goals, objectives and suggestions on the site, describe in detail and make suggestions or objections, and fill everything in the site brief. You need 45 - 60 minutes via phone or in personal talk with one of our managers at the office.

Creating Landing Pages

Based on your data, and themes of the Landing page, we create a Landing page, which is based on our common templates Landing page, in which the units are filled with the necessary content.

Setting up of the Landing Pages

Together we will check again all content and settings of the site and show you the ease of use of Landing page. At the same time we test the functionality of all the contact forms on the website.

Hello World!

Once everything is set into place the domain name of your choice is connected to the site and it is launched on the Internet.

Manual registration in the Google and Bing search engines by loading the XML sitemap will make launching of your new website successful.